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Is your air conditioner not regulating the temperature in your home properly? Are you hearing strange noises or smells from your AC unit? Have you noticed that parts of your AC system are leaking, clogged, or excessively dirty?

The last thing you want in the middle of summer is for your air conditioning to fail. If you are concerned about your home’s air conditioning system, we can help. Learn more about our professional service process here.

At the first sign of trouble, contact Cross Heating & Air Conditioning and we will diagnose the problem for you. Our team will perform a thorough evaluation of your air conditioning or cooling system and present you with our findings, so you can make an informed decision.

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Why Choose Cross Heating & Air Conditioning for Your AC Repairs?

When it comes to keeping your home comfortable, you want to work with a company that has a great reputation in your community and across the industry. Cross Heating offers the following commitments to make it easy and comfortable to work with our team:

Upfront & Honest Pricing 

Our technician will quote you any work needed and complete the work only on your approval.

No Regret Repairs

If you purchase a new furnace or A/C unit within 14 days of your repair, we’ll deduct the full, or partial, cost of your repair from your purchase total.

Flexible Scheduling

Don’t stress yourself waiting at home for our technician to arrive. Our dispatcher will update you on the status of your call by phone, text, or email, and give you an estimated time of arrival of the technician.

Committed Partnerships With Manufacturers

We purchase equipment and parts as well as receiving training and support directly from the manufacturers. These strong partnerships ensure that you’re getting the best service for your equipment.

5-Star Service Guarantee

Our team provides you with the respect you deserve while your equipment is being serviced. This commitment is reflected in our strong online ratings from customers — check out our reviews on Google and Facebook.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We work hard to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with the quality of service. If you are unhappy with any part of the installation and we cannot make it right for you within a year, we will remove and refund your full payment.

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

We offer a lifetime workmanship warranty on all of our products. If anything is found to be inadequate with our workmanship, within the lifetime of the install, it will be repaired free of charge.


We are members of HRAI, BIA, Chamber of Commerce, and the College Program Advisory committee. We believe it’s important to strongly support the HVAC industry, local businesses, and area schools to ensure that everyone in our community prospers.

Homestars Best of Award Winner

We are the winner of the verified Homestars Best of Award in 2021 in recognition of our unwavering commitment towards the quality in our trade.

Common Air Conditioning Issues & How to Resolve Them

Check out this list of common air conditioning issues and some helpful tips to resolve them

  • AC won’t turn on? Make sure the thermostat is properly set before examining the electrical panel for a tripped breaker.
  • AC making a loud or strange noise? A loud or strange noise coming from your cooling system may indicate a serious problem. If your air conditioner is banging, rattling, or clicking, turn off your unit and contact us.
  • AC leaking water or dripping on the floor? Check the condensate line for clogs. This is typically a PVC pipe or clear tubing coming from the air conditioner coil to a drain. Leaking refrigerant can cause ice to accumulate on the coils and drip. This issue should be inspected by a professional.
  • Higher electricity bills? The moment your air conditioner starts struggling to cool your home, you’ll see an uptick in energy costs. Whether the problem can be solved with a small repair or regular maintenance, an expert opinion is always best.
  • Not blowing cold air? Verify your thermostat settings are correct. Replace the air filter if you have not done so in the last few months. A new air filter can increase efficiency and indoor air quality. Make sure the outdoor unit isn’t obstructed by debris and that the outdoor unit is running.
  • Odd smells coming from the vents or the outdoor condensing unit? These issues could be signs that there is an issue with your cooling system, please give us a call.
  • Too cold in the basement or not cooling upstairs? Improper cooling in certain areas of your home could be caused by improper duct design, installation, or leaking ducts. Check for any visible signs of air leakage in your ductwork and seal, and verify your vent registers are open. Closing blinds and drapes can help to reduce unwanted heat entering from the outside sun.
  • How long will my AC last? Typically, an air conditioner should last between 15-20 years. Find out what might affect the lifespan of your air conditioner.

Having a different problem that we haven’t mentioned above? Check out this article for other signs that your air conditioning needs maintenance.

If you’re looking for AC repair in Elmira, Guelph, Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo, Stratford, Listowel, Hanover, Kincardine and nearby areas, we’re here to help!