Heat Pumps

Lower your annual utility bills and keep your home comfortable with a residential heat pump.

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Heat and cool your home quickly with a heat pump

A heat pump is a cost-saving, energy-efficient way to turn energy into heat and cool air for your home. A heat pump works with your HVAC system to turn the coldest winter air into warm air and the hottest summer heat into a reasonable temperature to keep your family comfortable no matter the season.

Benefits of a heat pump

There are many reasons to consider a heat pump to complement your furnace, air conditioning, and geothermal units:

  • Lowers your utility bills (especially if your home is heated by electricity)
  • Turns -30 degree outside air into warm air for your home
  • Turns +30 degree outside air into cool air for your home
  • Creates comfortable air quickly
  • Programmable operating cycles

If you want to learn more about the benefits of a heat pump, check out this blog.

Mini split (ductless) heat pumps

For those who want the benefits of an efficient heating and cooling system but don’t have the ductwork in your home to accommodate traditional furnace and air conditioning units, the mini split (or ductless) heat pump is the ideal solution.

Mini split heat pumps are very efficient and require no gas hookup or ducts in your home. Their low profile design and unobtrusive installation makes these ductless systems ideal for condos, apartments, and homes that require extra heating or cooling in specific rooms or areas.

To find out if a mini split heat pump is the right choice for your home, get in touch with Cross today.

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