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It can be difficult for homeowners to sort through the misinformation and myths out there when trying to determine the right products for your home. Two of the most misunderstood products on the HVAC market today are air source heat pumps and ductless heating and cooling systems.

What is an air source heat supply?

Air source heat pumps are systems that transfer air from outside to the inside of your home. Essentially, they’re air conditioners in reverse and are a very environmentally-friendly option for homeowners.

What are the other benefits of an air source heat pump?

Air source heat pumps are misunderstood, but can be a great option for homeowners for a number of reasons:

  • Air source heat pumps are quiet. While many people are under the impression that these systems are noisy, in fact, today’s models can be as quiet as a whisper and aren’t audible by your neighbours.
  • Air source heat pumps can be used in the winter. They have to work a bit harder to warm up the air, but they work well in temperatures as cold as -25 degrees Celsius — and they’re still a cheaper option than oil furnaces.
  • Air source heat pumps can be used in combination with all types of systems, including whole home, one-room and ductless heating and cooling systems.

Why should I choose an air source heat supply and ductless heating and air conditioning system?

With a furnace and central heating system, some homeowners may experience uneven heating and cooling throughout their home. While the main floor may be a comfortable temperature, upstairs may be a different story.

Switching to an air source heat pump in combination with a ductless system is a highly efficient option, not to mention all of the rebates up to $5800 that are available from GreenON. For every unit of electricity you pay for, you could get upwards of 3.5 units of heat.

The main benefit is that every area in your home will be comfortable. Each room in your home will be zoned differently, so you have total control over the climate in different areas of your home. You’ll even have the option to stop heating and cooling rooms you’re not occupying. You turn your light switches off when you leave a room, so why not do the same with your heating and cooling?

Best of all, installation and maintenance is easy. Without ducts, there’s no need to tear apart your home for the installation. You also won’t need to invest in duct cleaning every season, nor will you need to worry about heat loss throughout the ducts in your home — and this will save you money.

At Cross Heating and Air Conditioning in Waterloo and Listowel, we will work with you to find the best heating and cooling option for your home, including determining whether air source heat pumps and ductless systems are the right choice for you. Contact us to chat with one of our knowledgeable staff!

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