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Still Being Bogged Down by Water Heater Rental Fees? We Can Help

Are you a homeowner with a rental water heater? If you are, listen up. You may have noticed your water heater rentals fees have increased. This typically happens in January. Water heater rentals are a never-ending monthly expense with regular increases. If you’re tired of dealing with water heater rental fees, it’s time to reconsider […]

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7 Reasons to Switch to a Tankless Water Heater

When the time comes to replace your old water heater many people wonder if it is a good decision to switch to a tankless (or on-demand) water heater.  While every situation is different, here are seven reasons you may wish to consider making the switch. 1. Energy Efficiency Modern condensing tankless water heaters use far […]

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8 Questions To Ask Your Home Comfort Professional

At Cross Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand that choosing the right home comfort professional is essential for keeping your home and family comfortable. Here are some questions for your home comfort professional: 1. Do they have the appropriate licensing? In Ontario, air conditioning and heating technicians must be licensed to service or install your […]

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Be Aware of Who You’re Purchasing Home Comfort Systems From

When it comes to keeping your home the ideal temperature throughout the year, not all home comfort systems companies are created equal. At Cross Heating in Waterloo and Listowel, we believe that being an informed homeowner means you can make the right decisions about where you spend your money and how you keep your home […]

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Tankless vs. Tank Water Heaters

As a homeowner, you have lots of options for the home comfort systems in your house. From HVAC systems to ductless air conditioners, tankless water heaters and beyond, there’s a comfort system that’s right for you. But how do you choose? At Cross Heating in Waterloo and Listowel, it’s our pleasure to help customers choose […]

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