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Have you been thinking about getting air conditioning for your home but don’t have any ductwork? Whether it’s for one room or your entire home, Cross Heating & Air Conditioning in Waterloo and Listowel has a ductless solution.

Convenient & Practical Applications

Today’s high quality ductless air conditioning systems are able to be installed almost anywhere and operate with amazing efficiency. Ductless systems are excellent for the following applications:

  • “Bonus rooms” above garages
  • Split level homes
  • Additions and sun rooms
  • Workshops and outbuildings

Combine Ductless Air Conditioning With Ductless Heat

In addition to offering amazing versatility for cooling, many of the new generation of ductless units can also act as a heat pump, providing an efficient source of heat in the winter. In fact, when connected to an air handler, a ductless heat pump can even be used as a high efficiency replacement option for traditional furnace and central air conditioning packages. Ductless heat pumps don’t require any source of fuel other than electricity but use only a fraction of the power of electric heaters.

Attractive & Discreet Options

No matter what your decor, there is a ductless solution that will blend in perfectly to your home. Attractive and discreet options include wall mounted heads in white or mirrored black finishes, flush ceiling mounted cassettes, and even functional picture frames that blow cold air! Each head comes with its own remote control so you can keep different rooms in your home different temperatures. The outdoor units are surprisingly small and extremely quiet and can be installed almost anywhere, including decks, patios or hung from the wall.

Don’t suffer through another hot, humid summer without an air conditioning solution. Call the cooling experts at Cross Heating & Air Conditioning in Waterloo and Listowel and find out how you can relax in cool comfort anywhere in your home.

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