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Be Aware of Who You’re Purchasing Home Comfort Systems From

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When it comes to keeping your home the ideal temperature throughout the year, not all home comfort systems companies are created equal. At Cross Heating in Waterloo and Listowel, we believe that being an informed homeowner means you can make the right decisions about where you spend your money and how you keep your home comfortable.

It’s important to be aware of who you’re purchasing or renting your home comfort systems from. Unfortunately, there are many less-than-reputable companies out there who will sell you a product and you’ll never hear from them again.

Avoid Door-to-Door Salespeople

Reputable HVAC installation and home comfort maintenance companies won’t go door-to-door asking for your business. Established neighbourhoods with older homes and new Canadian residents are the most frequent targets, with salespeople trying to convince the homeowner that they need to update their HVAC equipment to comply with new government regulations. These people are in no way affiliated with the government, and can swindle you out of thousands of dollars.

Don’t Enter Into Home Comfort Systems Contracts Without Reading Them Carefully

If someone posing as an HVAC salesperson comes to your home to try to sell you an air conditioner, furnace or water heater, they may try to convince you to enter into a long-term contract right then and there. They’ll rope you into a monthly fee (often upwards of $100) for the life of the furnace, and will include a clause that allows them to increase the monthly fee every year, even as your unit depreciates in value.

Unfortunately, these salespeople have convincing tactics and many homeowners unwittingly enter into these contracts without taking a closer look. You could easily end up paying thousands of dollars more than your new equipment is worth and be saddled with huge fees to get out of a long-term contract.

Familiarize Yourself With These Scams

Door-to-door home comfort systems scams are nothing new, and unfortunately, they’re unlikely to go away anytime soon. But as a homeowner, you can protect yourself by keeping informed and familiarizing yourself with these types of scams. The Government of Ontario offers a wide range of resources to help protect yourself, including a Consumer Beware List where you can check a business’ reputation and see if there have been serious complaints levelled against them. You can also read up on your rights as a consumer, and find out what you can do if you’ve been the victim of a scam.

Buy From a Reputable Home Comfort Systems Company

Buying from a reputable company means you get service you can trust. Companies with a designated service area can offer regular maintenance, tune-ups, emergency service and installation without any hassle. At Cross Heating & Air Conditioning, we don’t believe in high-pressure sales tactics and we’ll only ever recommend necessary maintenance or upgrades to your system.  This has resulted in our tremendous growth and trust for over 30 years.  It’s our goal to keep your home and family comfortable all year-round!

For all of your home comfort system needs, contact Cross Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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