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Do you have a room or area in your home that never seems to be warm in the winter? Well, Cross Heating has a solution for you. A solution to your home’s chilly room problem that most people are not aware of is a ductless heat pump. Here are some reasons to consider a ductless heat pump.

Most of us are familiar with warm air heating that uses a furnace and ductwork to circulate heated air throughout your living space. This type of system is commonplace in the vast majority of Canadian homes that aren’t using electric baseboard heating. The problem with furnaces and air ducts is that as the warm air travels through the ductwork, it leaks and cools.

Ductless heat pumps offer a number of advantages over other heating sources and they may be the best choice for your home:

Here are six benefits to ductless heat pumps:

1. No ductwork? No problem

Ductless systems don’t need ducts and are a great option when ducting isn’t present or is an insufficient method to heat a room.

2. “Bonus” rooms

Many homes have “bonus” rooms above garages or in other locations where ductwork doesn’t extend or doesn’t do an adequate job of heating. Ductless systems are excellent for these spaces as they provide comfort independent of the home’s main heating system.

3. High efficiency

The leading brands in ductless systems offer unsurpassed efficiency, better than most central furnace and A/C systems.

4. They cool, too!

All ductless heat pump options not only keep your space warm in the winter but also cool and dehumidified in the summer. This is a big advantage when conditioning a space that has poor or no central cooling.

5. Room to room custom comfort.

Multi-head ductless systems allow you to choose different temperatures for different rooms. This means that areas that aren’t being used don’t have to be heated or cooled.

6. Excellent flexibility

Ductless heat pumps are available with a wide variety of different indoor heads. This includes wall-mounted, floor-mounted, or built-in ceiling heads. It even includes units that can be connected to new or existing ductwork. There is almost no limit to where a mini-split system can be installed.

Contact Cross Heating & Air Conditioning in Waterloo or Listowel today for a free in-home consultation and find out the reasons to consider a ductless heat pump.

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