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When the time comes to replace your old water heater many people wonder if it is a good decision to switch to a tankless (or on-demand) water heater.  While every situation is different, here are seven reasons you may wish to consider making the switch.

1. Energy Efficiency

Modern condensing tankless water heaters use far less natural gas or propane than conventional tank-style water heaters. In fact, tankless models can use as much as 34% more energy efficient than regular tank models.

2. Space Savings

Tankless water heaters are the size of a suitcase and are hung directly on a wall.  This leaves lots of extra floor space for storage or it will provide the opportunity to make a utility room more open and accessible.

3. Endless Hot Water

When sized correctly, a tankless water heater can provide endless hot water.  No more worrying about cold showers if you are the last one in line.

4. Less Chance of Big Leaks

When traditional tank-style water heaters rust out, all the water they hold will leak into your home regardless of whether you turn off the water or not.  In the very rare instance where a tankless model has a leak, simply turning off the water until the repair is complete stops the leak.

5. Potential Rebates

Due to the high efficiency of tankless water heaters, different levels of government may offer rebates to homeowners when switching away from inefficient tank models.

6. More Location Options

Small, wall-hung tankless water heaters open up a wide variety of options for installation including laundry rooms, basements, mobile home closets, and other places where a traditional tank-style water heater can’t go.

7. Avoid Smelly Water

In many cases, bad odours in hot water are caused by water sitting stagnant in the tank reacting with bacteria.  Since tankless models don’t hold large amounts of water, this is not an issue.

If you’re interested in learning more about installing a tankless water heating in your home, make sure to contact the experts at Cross Heating.

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